Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No excuses

I have had plenty to write about and pictures to show, but just haven't done it.  I don't have excuses.  I just plain and simple didn't feel like it. 

I feel like I'm getting behind though, so this post is intended to catch me up!

Last weekend Justin's uncle, Dennis, and his wife, Laura, came to Texas.  They were making a trip to Canton for the huge flea market that takes place there once a month.  They invited us and offered to pay for our hotel room, so of course we couldn't resist!

Since we were staying the night, we had to bring Bobo along for the ride.  He slept most of the way there and back.  I think we wore him out walking around Canton for so many hours on Saturday!

Imported Photos 00000

Imported Photos 00002

Imported Photos 00004Imported Photos 00006Imported Photos 00009

There was one area that had TONS of animals.  I love animals and zoos and that sort of things, so this was right up my alley.  :)  Here are a few of my favorites...    

Imported Photos 00016Imported Photos 00021Imported Photos 00019Bobo didn't know what to think of this rabbit that was almost as big as him!

And I wanted to bring this little guy home.  Justin and I have decided we WILL own a Golden Retriever one day.  We fell in love!Imported Photos 00023

Imported Photos 00008    

The only things we came home with were a sunburn (for me), some honey, and a tool of some sort (for justin).Imported Photos 00027

Imported Photos 00026


We also had fun hanging out with some friends to watch the LSU game.  These guys are major fans, so I decided to dress the part and fit in.  Ha!

Imported Photos 00067

(I was really more excited about this....)Imported Photos 00068Imported Photos 00069Imported Photos 00070

They even had one of their pups dressed for the occasion!      Imported Photos 00071


Update on my animals.. They are getting along beautifully now.  They play alot at night, chasing each other around.  And Justin took this picture as evidence to show me that they even sleep together sometimes.Imported Photos 00028

Bobo is getting a haircut tomorrow... stay tuned for a picture of his new look!!!


jill said...

hiiiii, friend! SO good to hear from you! canton looks fun ... my friend holly and i are going in october i think. LOVE bobo!!! and i suppose i can forgive you for the purple and gold ... but a HOG would be better. :) loves!!!!

Summer said...

Gotta love Canton!!! You did really well to only come home with honey! Man..I feel like I can never leave that place without an entire cartload of stuff! haha....

Have a great Wednesday!


...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Oh! That Klondike looks heavenly!!! :)

Lyr said...

You are right… no excuse and I’m sure you didn’t leave anything out! Lol, love the pictures!

candicee said...

your hair is getting long & pretty!
I want one of those klondike reeses! mmmmm!