Thursday, September 3, 2009

I scream, You scream, We all scream...

Last weekend (yes, it's been a long time since I last posted) we had to drive to a neighboring town, and on our way we spotted some garage sale signs.  We decided to stop.  And am I ever glad we did!

What a prize we found for only a few bucks!


I have always loved homemade ice cream.   My grandparents used to have an ice cream maker, and I remember sitting on the back patio waiting and waiting and waiting.  It was always so worth it though.  And now, we have our very own ice cream-making-machine!

A few days later our friends Dustin and Jenna invited us over to grill some burgers and hang out.  (The burgers were to die for, by the way.  You should ask Jenna for the recipe!)  We decided it would be the perfect chance for us to try out our new best friend!

I got a recipe off of Kelly's Recipe Blog.  You can see it here

Wow!  She was not kidding when she said it was soooo good!

This picture definitely does not do it justice.  But I had to document it.. haha :)



Well, Justin and I have tomorrow off so we are starting our weekend early.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe three day weekend :) :) :)


Holly said...

Wow, an ice cream making machine sounds awesome! Although if I had one, I don't think I'd ever stop eating it, which could be rather hazardous to my health! :O

Justin and Gracie O. said...

That's so awesome! I have been wanting to make yummy homemade icecream! Nice job!