Friday, September 18, 2009


I'm sitting at home tonight just relaxing.  It feels wonderful!  I'm just hanging out with my animals waiting for the hubby to get home.


I guess it's time I tell the bloggy world (aka my dad and sister) that I have once again started a new job!

This means that all this past week and for the next two weeks I will once again be working two jobs.  Two jobs=Too many hours at work!  Sunday will be my first day off in almost two weeks.  I cannot wait!!!  I have already made plans to go to church (for the first time in over a month!), do a little shopping, hang out with friends, and relax!

My new job is at a church in a nearby town.  They have a Kids Day Out program, and I have been hired as an assistant.  I basically help out teachers in their classrooms, make copies, clean up messes, stand in for teachers on their breaks, etc.  I felt like I had to take this job because it's more hours and more money per hour than BB&B.  Plus, I will have nights and weekends off!  I'm excited!

And because I will be home at night I can get back to cooking.  Last night I cooked fish for the first time.  We had a tilapia dish that I got from Rachel Ray.  Tonight I'm cooking pork tenderloin.  Yum, yum!  Justin is gonna get spoiled!  I also hope to pick back up on reading.  I have kinda let that fall to the side while working so much. 

I do have to say I started Crazy Love with Angie and the Bloom Community, and so far I LOVE IT!

That's all for now... just wanted to give an update.

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Candice said...

oh that job sounds like it would be fun. a little more interesting than working at BB&B. lol well I hope you like it!