Monday, March 9, 2009

It's been a while..

Almost a week since I've posted.  What's gotten into me?!  I hate that I've been a bad blogger, but I'm just too darn busy!  Like right now for instance, I need to be studying for a midterm that I have tonight and then showering and then eating dinner and then picking up the house.  Oh well, it can wait.

Just a couple of quick updates--

*Today I'm starting a new diet.  It's embarrassing the amount of weight I've gained in the past year and half, therefore I will not mention that enormous number here.  Just know that it's ALOT.  And starting today, I WILL get rid of some of it.

*I recently decided to volunteer at the church doing Children's Ministry.  I'm pretty excited about it.  My first time will be not next Sunday, but the next.  Woo-hoo!  I know I'm called to work with the kiddos, so this is my first real step in that direction!

*Justin got laid off from his day time job.  It's a bummer, and money is tight... but we are trying to see it as a good thing.  Now he has more free time to get involved at the church.  He is starting some new things as well.  I just don't know all the details yet.

*We have an opportunity to do missions this year!  The trip is to Honduras in September.  That is all I know so far. I should find out more details soon.  I'm really hoping (and praying) that we get to go!

*One of my bestest girlfriends, Penny, came and visited me today for the first time since I got married.  It was fun to catch up.  I miss her alot.  We were BFF for a long time.  I even lived with her and her family for a while.

*Midterms are this week.  I don't like that idea because it means I have extra work.  But I love it because it means I'm almost done with school!!!


And just because I like to have pictures in my posts---Imported Photos 00168

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jill said...

what a precious munchkin!!!!! good luck with midterms!