Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Feel Like Being Random Again!

My student teaching evaluation went pretty well.  I had my little ones paint with scrubber sponges that I found at the dollar store and play with play dough.  My teacher gave me good scores and said that she thought I was doing a great job.  She even said she thinks I was too hard on myself during my self evaluation.  That was nice to hear!

I think I'm really going to like the dollar tree when I'm teaching in my own classroom.  They had a bunch of little stuff that I could put to use for different activities!


The in-laws rented this movie the other night and let us borrow it.  They know that I'm a freak about movies, and Justin even likes ones that are based on a true story.  We usually try to stay away from rated R movies, but I have really been wanting to see this since I saw the previews for it.  And since Justin's parents watched it, they could tell us what to expect as far as language, violence, and all that.  I can't wait to have time to sit down and watch it.  Anyone seen it?  If so, what did ya think?


I've been debating about writing this next little section for quite a while now.  I don't mind being personal on my blog, but since I don't know who all reads this that I know personally, I've been holding off on writing this.  I don't want to get anyone thinking anything wrong or get any rumors started.  I've finally decided though, that this is my blog for things I want to remember- so I'm writing whatever I want!  Ha!

For the past several months I have had a touch of baby fever.  I know we aren't ready yet, and I'm okay with that.  But it doesn't change the facts.  I feel like I'm ready to be a mommy.  I've always wanted to have children.  A mom and wife are the only two things I really want to be when I "grow up".  Lately, it's been apparent that the time must be getting close.

I walk through the baby section everywhere I go.  I read books about pregnancy and parenting.  I spend time looking up baby names and their meanings on the internet .  I have a closet full of baby clothes and other baby items that were given to me by my sister.  I have a bookshelf dedicated to baby and children's books.  And lastly, I have been dreaming about babies, my babies, ALOT.

I have dreams at least once a week where I'm either pregnant or just had a baby.  I have had dreams about having twins many times and even triplets one time.  (God help us if that's true! ha!)  Last night was the most vivid of them all.  We had just had a baby girl in the local hospital.  We were trying to decide on a middle name.  And I was up taking pictures of her with the camera I just got for Christmas.  All of my family was there with us.  It was very real.

I wonder when our time will be?...


My sister and her little family went to Georgia to visit with Dom's dad and his family.  I miss them bunches.  I can't wait to see this little face again.Imported Photos 00275 She's so pretty.  Even in the bathtub.  :)


jill said...

oh, sister. i must inform you that sophie b's entrance came not long after i got baby fever! hah! and i looooove dollar tree too!!!! i'm in there all.the.time. for classroom stuff! your activities sound super fun ... i'm sure the kiddos loved it! way to go!!!!!

Candice said...

I wanna see that movie!!! Tell me how it is after you watch it.

oh and just so ya know, I already have been getting baby fever too! lol.. I just miss Ava being so tiny! she's a toddler now! :(

Melissa Perkins said...

Candice, I cannot believe you have baby fever already! ha!
Are yall seriously thinking about another one soon?