Monday, March 2, 2009

busy, busy

Since my last post I feel like I haven't had ANY free time to get alone with God. I hate that. And the worst part is, I'm gonna be busy all week. I still plan on praying and reading as usual, but before I write about what all is going on I want to really spend quality time focusing on what He is trying to say and do.

I'm so busy because.... well, for one, school is nuts-o right now. Next week is midterms, so I have alot of work to get done for all my classes. Student teaching is taking m0re time now because I'm having to write my own lesson plans.
Oh, and to top off all the normal weekly stuff (school, student teaching, cleaning house, cooking, spending time with my hubby) we decided to have a garage sale this weekend. And yes, we just started getting ready for it today!!! It's hectic to say the least. But we have lots of junk to get rid of and can for sure use some extra cash.

Total change of subject-- I bought some rugs online for my living room. They came in today and totally do not match. They look nothing like they did in the picture on my computer! Grrr... Now I'm back to square one on that too!

Sorry about all the complaining. Just ignore me. I'll be fine! haha :)

Have a great day!!!

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Holly said...

Man! That thing with the rugs would be SO annoying! I wouldn't be too impressed either! :/