Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1.17 one year later

January 17th will always be special to me now.  Today marks the one year anniversary of one of my biggest prayers being answered.  One year ago today, my world stood still as my eyes caught sight of a pregnancy test with 2 pink lines.

I had thoughts all day today about how blessed we are.  About how emotional this day was for me last year.  About what a difference a year can really make.

What was one year ago the beginning of a dream come true and an answer to prayer, is today so much more than that.  Today we have a wonderful, sweet, happy, healthy, handsome baby boy.  Our precious Judah Scott.

I had to bust out the camera and get some pictures of our little bundle of joy on this special day.


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Marcie said...

What a difference a year can make!