Saturday, January 21, 2012

4 months

Judah is four months old today!  It sure has been a joyful and fun four months.
It seems like every month just gets more and more fun.  I mean, I do miss having an itty bitty newborn to cuddle with all the time.  (Judah is now out of the stage of wanting to cuddle… he’s too busy!).  But we love that almost every single day, he is doing something new.  He is learning and growing so fast.  It’s just crazy!
In the past month he has really started to drool and put everything in his mouth.  Some of his favorite things to chew on are his hands, mommy’s hands, and his burp rags.  I’ve had to start putting bibs on him a good bit to catch all that drool!
Judah has really started to enjoy bath time.  He kicks and splashes like crazy now.  I can already see that bath time will become a favorite once this little boy can sit up on his own.  Some of his other favorites right now are:  1) the tv… he loves all the colors and movement I guess.  He will turn his head as far around as he can to find the screen.  2) the changing table.. no matter how fussy he is, it seems like when he gets on that changing table he just smiles and coos and laughs.  He loves it!  I oftentimes will change his diaper and then just hang out there for a while playing with him and talking to him.  3) his jumperoo… he is now tall enough for his feet to reach the floor, and this boy loves to bounce!  4)  he loves it when I kiss his hands.  it makes me laugh super hard almost every time.
Judah has started to notice himself in the mirror.  I always ask him, “who is that handsome boy?”, and he will just flash the biggest gummy grin.  I sure am going to miss that gummy smile once he starts getting teeth.  It’s the best :).  He has really started to play with toys now.  He still plays on his playmat a good bit, and will also hold onto teethers or stuffed animals and try to chew on them.  He’s been exercising his little tummy muscles.  He tries so hard to pull himself to a sitting position when we hold him.  He’s not quite there yet though!  He also really seems to like standing up.  He will lock those little legs and stand up whenever he gets the chance.
Judah had a little bit of hair when he was born, but a good bit fell out.  It has started coming back in now, but I’m not sure what color it will be.  Some of it is definitely dark brown, but underneath it looks like it’s more blonde.  We shall see!  The same with his eyes.  His left eye is blue, and the right eye is blue for the most part.. but has turned a dark hazel or brown on the top.
In diapers, Judah is in the same size cloth diaper, but will need a size 3 next time we buy disposables!  That is just crazy to me!!!  In clothes, he is wearing all 6 month footed pajamas and is rapidly outgrowing all other 3 month clothes.  I have been trying to get one last wear out of everything and am packing them away after I wash them.  Six month onesies and pants are all folded in his drawers!  Within the next couple weeks, he will be wearing them for sure!
I think we are in a transition period with sleep and feeding.  We had always been on a 3 hour schedule where Judah would be up about an hour and then go back down for a nap.  Now he is staying up 1 1/2-2 hours at a time.  This means less naptime during the day and more playtime!  He has sort of regressed in his night time sleeping.  He usually wakes up 1 or 2 times a night now.  I try to get him to go back to sleep without a bottle, but sometimes he is just hungry!!  I’m hoping that after we introduce solids, our sleeping-through-the-night-baby will be back… but if not, I’m okay with that.  I love how sweet and cuddly he is during those night time feedings.
Mommy and Daddy sure do love you, sweet boy!

I wanted to add here that we went to Judah's four month appointment for a well check and vaccinations.  He is now weighing 17 pounds, 12 ounces.  He is 25 1/2 inches long.  Big boy!!!

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