Monday, September 19, 2011

39 weeks


Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 39 weeks

Size of baby: supposed to be 20 inches and 7.25 pounds… but we are pretty sure Judah is bigger than average!

Maternity clothes: everything except for skirts and stretchy waist pants is maternity.  I’ve even outgrown many maternity clothes.  In the past week I have struggled to find tops that cover my belly and have been wearing more dresses.

Gender: baby boy. Judah Scott Perkins.  We cannot wait to see him!

Movement: Definitely less kicking.. but still lots of pressure and movement where he pokes his body out of my belly.  When he kicks, it HURTS. 

Sleep: Sleep is good… I just can’t go to sleep at a decent hour.  I have been finding myself wide awake until 2am and then sleeping really late in the mornings.

What I miss: I miss having normal size hands and feet.  I miss having ankles.  I miss being able to move without hurting.  I am definitely counting down the days until I can start on the weight loss journey and get some of this swelling down.  I know I will definitely miss pregnancy though.

Cravings: no big cravings this week… just very hungry!

Aversions: pot roast.  raw chicken.  leftovers.

Symptoms: You name it, I’ve probably been experiencing it.  The most prominent ones are probably indigestion and lots of aches and pains.  I’ve had more contractions this week.  And I am larger and heavier than I ever thought possible.  Each day it seems like I have somehow grown bigger in the belly.  And my nose is definitely wider.

Best moment this week:  All week long I have been constantly counting down the days and thinking, “at this time next week……”.  I’m just so excited to meet our little guy!  Only a couple more days now!!!

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