Thursday, August 18, 2011

my very own baby shower!

I cannot count on both hands how many baby showers I went to and was secretly sad and maybe a tad bit jealous.  I so badly wanted to be the one with the round belly opening all of the tiny little outfits and soft blankets. 

Earlier this month, several sweet ladies got together and threw a baby shower for Judah and myself.  My very own baby shower!!!  :)  It was surreal.  And super cute.  The theme was “under the sea”, and I loved it!

We had close to 30 good friends, family members, and church members show up to bless us with sweet words and precious gifts.  I cannot express how grateful I am!

Here are a few pics:






Justin had been mowing and working and was sooo dirty!  But I made him come at the end to help me load all of our gifts into the car.  haha


This is my sweet friend, Hope.  She is due with her first little boy just a few days before I’m due with Judah!  She was one of several fabulous hostesses.

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