Sunday, August 14, 2011

Justin is 24!

Justin’s birthday was Saturday.  He turned 24.. and I’ll turn 27 in October.  I always seem to forget he is younger than me until our birthdays come around.

We didn’t do much to celebrate his birthday… but that’s how he wanted it.  His mom cooked dinner for us, and we had birthday cake for dessert.


I got him some new awesome smelling cologne.  It’s called Affliction, and we found it at Buckle.  Yum!  I’m so glad I get to be the one to cuddle up next to him when he’s wearing it.  :)


And just for memory’s sake I guess I’ll post a pic of us together.. although I am NOT liking the way I look these days.  I’m feeling like a marshmallow/beached whale with all this extra fluid and swelling.  Yikes!


happy birthday, sweet man!  love you lots and lots!

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