Monday, January 3, 2011

is it too late for Christmas?!

Yes, it’s now January.  A whole new year.  I’m just now blogging about Christmas.  This really doesn’t surprise me at the rate I’ve been going.  Seems like for some reason I find the motivation to blog at the beginning of the month, and then forget about it until a new month rolls around.


Christmas 2010:


We traveled to West Monroe so that we could spend Christmas with family again.  We stayed (as usual) with Justin’s parents.  On Christmas Eve we met up with some of my daddy’s side of the family.  We ate gumbo (super yum!) and talked about old times and shared funny stories.  It was fun, but I wish the entire family could have been there.  After that, we went to Justin’s mom’s side of the family.  We actually showed up late, but just in time to play the Dirty Santa game.  Justin and I ended up “winning” gift cards to Copeland's!  Woohoo!  We ended the night opening gifts with Justin’s parents and sister.  We were more than blessed.  I was actually shocked at all the gifts!


I gave Justin a wish list way back before Christmas, but really had no idea what he would get me.  I was very pleasantly surprised when I tore away wrapping paper and saw this…


He knew how much I needed a camera bag and how much I loved the Kelly Moore Bags.  I was and still am thrilled with it!


Just for memories sake, this is how I was carrying my camera around before in order to keep it protected:


and after:


muchhhhhhh better :)

I gave Justin several books that he asked for and an armband to hold his iphone while working out.  He was very happy with everything, even the stuff that I surprised him with!  And that’s saying something, because he is hard to buy for!!!


Christmas morning we slept in a little and then headed over to Justin’s dad’s side.  We had tons of yummy food there and just enjoyed each other’s company.




Next we headed to visit my mom and some other family on her side.  It was fun being there to watch two of my cousin’s girls open some presents.  Being around children during the holidays just makes it more fun to me!



After 5 different houses, lots of good food, plenty of gifts, and tons of laughs, we finished with our Christmas celebrations. 


With the busyness of the season, I have to remind myself that although I enjoy all of these things, I really need to put more focus on my Savior willingly coming to earth as a tiny baby so that he could live a sinless life and die a sinner’s death so that we can all have eternal life with Him.


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