Thursday, March 25, 2010

welcome me back to the land of the living

All last weekend Justin was in Kansas doing some evangelizing stuff with a group from school.  I knew he would be home Sunday night before dinner and wanted to surprise him.  I cooked a yummy recipe from my lovely Pioneer Woman cookbook. I made a yummy dessert (recipe coming soon!).  And I rented us a movie for the evening, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. 

We had a really nice little “date”.  The food was good and the movie was decent.  It was a little goofy, but it’s supposed to be geared towards children, so I can understand why.

Monday morning rolls around, and I wake up with a sore throat.  I felt okay, though, so off to work I went.  By lunch I was feeling kinda yucky.  I took my temperature, and it was normal.  Two hours later, I was counting down minutes.  I needed those kiddos out of my classroom in a hurry!  I was s.i.c.k.

I made it home and up the stairs.  Justin met me at the door and could tell I was not well.  I handed him my (uneaten) lunch to put away as I curled up on the couch with a blanket.

Fever.  Chills.  Aches.  Pains.  101-102 fever.

It was bad.  And to top it off, I could hardly swallow.  My tonsils got so big that I thought they might burst.  For real. 

I called the clinic that I go to and asked for an appointment.  Nothing available until Thursday!!!  I thought surely I would die before Thursday.  I missed work Tuesday and Wednesday.  I was pretty much useless.  I loaded up on ibuprofin and nyquil and slept til I could sleep no more.  It was miserable.

Today I finally made it to the doctor.  I was feeling much better when I woke up today, but decided to go to my appointment anyway.  Tonsilitis.  I knew it before he said it.  His next words?  “Those need to come out now.”  Yeah, that would be two grand that we don’t have!  So instead I’m taking antibiotics and drinking warm liquids.  Fun, fun!

So… that’s where I have been the last few days in case anyone was wondering!!!

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jill said...

oh honey!!!! bless your heart! i get chronic strep (at least twice a year, every year) and it's awful! i REFUSE to get my tonsils out as an adult though. i've heard it's wayyy more brutal than when you're a kid. or maybe i'm just a wuss. :) hope you're better soon!