Saturday, March 20, 2010

babysitting my favorite girl

Tonight I kept Ava while her mommy and daddy went to a movie.  I adore her and love keeping her.  She kept me busy the whole time with blocks (I would build.  She would knock over.  And laugh like crazy.), books, her baby, drawing with markers, playing with the kitty-kitty and “dogs” (which was only one dog, Bobo).  We even went outside on the balcony for a little bit to look at the cars and the trees.  I snapped a few pictures but forgot to check my settings, so they are all out of focus :(

Oh well, she is precious anyway!





Ava is at such a fun age right now.  Just turned two.  I’ve heard so much about terrible twos, and I’ve witnessed a little of that at work.  But Ava is just such a good, sweet girl.  She is hilarious, too.  Tonight she would crack up laughing and put her little hands over her mouth to hide it and then fall backwards acting like she laughed so hard she could no longer sit up.  Her most used word tonight was “please”.  She said please a million times or until I got her whatever she wanted.  She ate a bunch of fruit and each time she ran out, she would walk to the fridge and point to it and say please.

Pure perfection.

Love my Ava girl! 

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candice said...

:) Love the pictures, especially the one of her laughing! I'm so happy she was good for her Aunt Lissa!