Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I’ve fallen off…

It has been so long since I have blogged that I couldn’t remember my blogger password.  It’s safe to say that I have fallen off the blogging train.  And the picture taking train.  And maybe even the cooking and cleaning house train.  Yikes!

Normally I would just start here and skip everything that I have missed.. but because I want Judah’s milestones recorded, I’m going to at least do a quick rundown of those for my own sake.

8 Months--


scooting- pulling himself with his arms (started the day after he turned 7 months)

got third and fourth teeth.

weighed 21.11

found out he will be a big brother on 4/24!!! (here is my reason for the blog failure)

definitely babyproofing began this month.  Judah started exploring.

bangs two objects together to make noise

pulled himself up to standing on our ottoman on 5/16.


9 months--


wants to stand up all the time.

cruises along the furniture.

says “mama”

1st roadtrip to dallas to visit Aunt Candice, Uncle Dom, and cousin Ava.

wearing 12 months clothes.

6 teeth!

loving balls, anything that makes noise, and playing rough.

very interested in our cat, Sylvester.

finds one object/toy daily to carry around all day.

has started to notice when I leave the room and cries/whines.

started doing his scrunched up face.


10 months—


let go while standing on 6/22.

weighs 23.13 and is 29 1/4 inches long.

very efficient at crawling now on hands and knees. He loves being chased and will crawl faster if he sees us coming for him.

doing better with table food- loves fig newtons! also tried grapes, bread, mashed potatoes, puffs, and greek yogurt.

diagnosed with eczema on legs at 9 month appointment.

finally getting some thickness to his hair in the back

started clapping and doing patty cake on July 14th



I guess I’ll wait and do his 11 month post once he turns 11 months… less than a week from now!  My baby boy is growing up.  It really has passed us by so quickly.  I love my little monkey!

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