Tuesday, August 21, 2012

11 months

My big guy.  Really… he’s big.  Everywhere we go we have people comment on two things:  how big Judah is and how happy he is.  We are surely blessed with a smiley and social boy.  He seems to especially like to flirt with older women.  He knows how to get their attention and then just eats it up!


Judah man is quickly turning into a toddler.  He is standing up alone for longer periods of time—up to 20 seconds or so.  He took his first steps on August 5th—about 3 steps actually.  After that he would practice a few steps here and there every day. 

Judah started waving bye-bye a few days after 10 months old.. but won’t do it on command.  It’s only when he wants to, and it’s usually while he is in his high chair.  Speaking of his high chair, he is now eating just about anything we give him.  He doesn’t seem to be picky and loves to eat “big people” food.  He definitely seems to have a sweet tooth like momma.


He is very into standing up and jumping on couches and kitchen chairs.  He also uses his feet to spin himself in circles while sitting on his bottom.

Judah loves for us to put a toy in our mouths and make noises.  He cracks up every time.

He seems to be a risk taker.  No fear for this guy!  He actually climbed/jumped out of his crib at his grandparents’ house on August 11th… about 10 1/2 months old. 


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