Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby Perkins #2

Justin and I always knew we wanted to have our babies close in age, but didn’t know just how close they would end up!  We weren’t trying to prevent pregnancy, so I knew that we could be blessed with another little one at any time.  Luckily I still had some tests from when I found out about Judah.

The day was Tuesday, April 24th.  My sister’s birthday.  I was late and suspected I may be pregnant.  Justin was gone that evening to his church group meeting, but I couldn’t wait any longer to find out.  Judah was already in bed, so I went to the bathroom and scanned over the instructions for the test.. did what it said.. and then tried to be calm.

A couple minutes passed, and sure enough “pregnant” was the word staring back at me.  All I could think in that moment was “oh my gosh… is this real?  oh my!”.  Then my next thought was “how do I tell Justin?”.  I wanted to do it some cute and creative way, but I hadn’t planned this out well at all.  I was on pins and needles waiting for him to get home that night.  I kept thinking about how exciting this was, how happy I was, how hard this was going to be, etc.  It was very much mixed emotions.  So different than when we found out about Judah. 


Justin finally walked in the door, and all of my creative thoughts must have left at the same time.  All I could muster up was, “hey, I have something for ya…” and handed him the positive test.  Needless to say he was in shock too.  We were both definitely happy.  Babies, to us, are always a blessing.  And we even knew that it was a possibility that month.  And we definitely wanted this child.  But still, it was shocking to see a positive test when Judah was only 6 months old.


Judah and his little sibling will be 15 months apart.  I’m due this time December 23rd… a wonderful Christmas gift for sure!

Since that April night, we have shared the news with everyone we love and care about.  We have started preparing to welcome a second baby into our lives.  We have celebrated and dreamed about what our future will look like.  I couldn’t be happier!


Megan said...

Oh my gosh Melissa, I have goosbumps! I am so excited for you both!! You will be a wonderful momma to two! Please post here often so we can watch you and baby J grow!! I will be praying for a super healthy pregnancy from here on out!

In This Wonderful Life said...

congrats!!! that's so exciting!

Melissa said...

Thank you!! I'm really hoping to get back into blogging. I know I'll kick myself later for not recording our memories.

Melissa said...

Thanks so much!