Saturday, April 21, 2012

7 months

Is this for real?!  Is my baby really closer to a year old than he is to his birth day? 

My precious Judah has had a big month!  He has started sitting up on his own.  He did it for the first time really well on April 2nd.  He is now rolling all over the place and scooting to get to things that he wants.


He is wearing all 9 month sized clothing and size 4 diapers!

Judah has started “talking”.  He makes the sounds: ga, ma, da, and ki.  He has said “dada” and “daddy” several times, which makes Justin’s day each and every time!  :)

I think one of his sweetest recent accomplishments is that he now reaches out for me!  It melts me.  If he wants our of his jumperoo he does it.  Or if he is sitting on the floor with me in front of him, he will reach out and let me know he wants to be picked up.  And then as if I’m not already a pile of mush, he will lay his head down on my chest and cuddle me for a second.  I can’t stand the sweetness! <3


Judah’s firsts in the past month include first zoo trip, first time sitting up in the shopping cart, and first time going to the nursery at church.  I had such a hard time leaving him in the nursery.  I missed him a ton, but he did really well.  I bet he had a much better time in there with toys and friends than he did when he stayed with me in service.  My boy is growing up!

I have tried introducing Judah to some different finger foods.  I’ve given him banana, avocado, yogurt melts, and puffs.  So far, he hasn’t liked any of it!  He just wants that pureed mushy baby food.  I guess we will try again in a couple weeks.


We have just entered a new stage of Judah not wanting to go to sleep.  When we lay him down for naps or bedtime, he screams and screams and screams.  He is only calmed when we pick him up.  I’m hoping this is just from teething and will pass soon.  I was also thinking it could be the beginning of separation anxiety.  Only time will tell!

For now, I guess I need to start planning a first birthday party.  Can someone please invent a way to slow down the time? 

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Julie Waldvogel said...

I LOVE Judah's eyes, He is absolutely adorable!