Wednesday, July 20, 2011

everything is new!

I haven’t been able to blog because we haven’t had internet for quite some time.  And we won’t have it until the 29th of the month.  I just go to Justin’s parents’ house when I have internet business to take care of! 

Anyway… we have lots of new news!

Justin has been offered a job!  It is with a really great company.  The position he has been offered is temporary, so we won’t get to take advantage of the great benefits just yet.  However, Justin still has the opportunity to apply for long term positions, and we are hoping that him working already as a temp will give him an advantage.  We are very excited about it either way!  We were praying and believing that God would provide Justin with enough income so that I didn’t have to work after Judah gets here, nor would Justin have to work two jobs.  And our prayers have been more than answered!  :)  He should be starting on the 25th!

We have also found a place to live..  We are now renting a mobile home just minutes away from Justin’s parents and some of my family.  It is pretty small, but we believe that it will be just right for us and Judah to start out in.  Hopefully after I get everything in it’s place, I’ll remember to take some pics!  We have been here for almost a week now and really like it so far.  It was quite a process getting in though.. We cleaned and moved in 100+ degree temps for two days with no air conditioning.  The electricity didn’t get turned on until a couple days after we started moving in!  Needless to say, I was one tired, hot, and swollen preggo!  haha

The only picture I have so far is of Judah’s crib.  I have been having so much fun going through all of his stuff and trying to organize it.  I can’t wait til my next baby shower so I can do even more!  Anyway, here is his crib all put together…


We are in love with his bedding!  The stuffed animal in there is from Justin’s uncle Dennis and aunt Laura.  It’s his very first one.. a llama!


And finally, I have a new clinic and doctor here in West Monroe.  I went to my appointment at about 29 1/2 weeks.  I didn’t get to meet my new doctor.. just the nurse practitioner.  I’ll meet the doctor at my next appointment.  I got a few questions answered though, did all of my routine stuff, and had an ultrasound!  I had no idea I would get an US, but since it was my first appointment at this clinic.. they wanted to check things out.  And of course I didn’t mind one bit!

I got a little surprise too..  The ultrasound technician asked me if Judah has a big/tall daddy.  And if you know Justin, that is the opposite of true.  haha!  He is only about 5’8’’ and under 140 lbs.  But she said that Judah has long legs and big feet.  And she said he is weighing almost 4 pounds… and the average baby at this point is not quite 3 pounds.  So looks like we are having a BIG boy!  :)  I cannot wait to meet him!

We got several images of him printed out.. but I only have access to one right now on my computer.  Here is his little profile…

US 29 weeks

He’s so cute! A dream come true.

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