Monday, July 12, 2010

longest day of my life

So this past Saturday I woke up about 5am, which is beyond early for me.  Even on work days I don’t get up until 7.  I was excited Saturday though.  I was dressed and ready to leave by 5:45.  I got in the car and drove 3 1/2 hours.  I ended up in a little town called Benton, LA.  I stayed there for a few hours, then got back in my car to drive home.  It started raining… no pouring.  I had to drive super slow and thought I’d never make it home.  Little did I know that the rain would be the least of my concerns.  Turns out on my way home I encountered 2 major wrecks on the interstate.  One was like an 8 car pile up, and one appeared to be an 18-wheeler that basically barrel rolled and ended up covered in mud, grass, etc.  I traveled about 3 miles in an hour’s time.  It was CRAZY.  I almost went crazy.  Haha…  All I wanted to do was get home and rest.

When I finally did get home and settle down after being gone for about 18 hours that day, I figured out that it was all worth it  :)


Because of this….


and this….


That whole trip Saturday was so that I could go meet little miss Carlie Ann and do her very first photo shoot.  Her family was so sweet and welcoming.  And she was a true little doll.  I would do it all over again if I needed to!

Congrats, Cara and Hunter on your precious angel! 

I am SO in love with photographing newborns!!!!  :)

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