Thursday, July 8, 2010

guess what game i’m playing..

I’m playing catch up again!  Seems like I barely have time to sit and blog these days.  We finally got all moved into the new apartment.  I still have a desktop computer coming my way, as well as a new art piece from the fabulous Lacey Herring.. and then I will be satisfied!  Can’t wait!

Besides moving and working at the preschool, I’ve been keeping busy with editing pictures that I took on my recent trip to West Monroe. I have two sessions down and one to go.  You can see a little peak of the first two on my photography blog.


And I’ve also been doing a little side job with a photographer in Denton.  I haven’t gotten to actually assist on any shoots or learn very much technical stuff, but it’s fun and easy money so I’m not complaining!  We have talked about the possibility of that turning into my primary job starting in the fall.. but that is still a long way off.  We shall see!!!  I wouldn’t mind it one little bit :)

Now for one other little tid bit of news that I’m basically documenting for myself and any family that reads..  Justin and I have decided that if everything goes according to plan, we will start trying for our first little angel this fall.  I really couldn’t be more excited.  Well.. I bet when the time comes I’ll be more excited, but for now I’m thrilled!  We have decided to start being more aggressive with paying off debt as well as putting money into a “baby fund” in order to be semi-prepared.  Woo-hoo!!! :) :)

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Jessica said...

I'll be praying for you & your job opportunity & that God opens doors & you find favor. And I'll be praying for everything to get lined out so you & Justin can be ready & prepared for a baby! It's the best thing in the world & I'm so happy for you!