Wednesday, June 16, 2010

quality time

Last weekend Candice and Dom were going to a birthday party at a waterpark and didn’t want to take Ava with them.  Naturally, I kept her!  And I loved it!  We went down to the pool and swam and played games for a lonnng time.  She was very brave and was jumping off the side into the pool all by herself… with floaties of course!

After swim time was over, we came in and made the biggest mess we could out of my living room.


She just loved sitting in this little crate and having me pile things on top of her… crazy kid!


We also watched The Little Mermaid, cuddled in my bed, ate lots of food, played with the kitty-kitty, colored, drew pictures, and built towers out of her blocks.  It was a great day for Ava and Aunt Lissa.  :)


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