Wednesday, June 9, 2010

family time

This past weekend Justin’s family (mom, dad, and sister) came in and stayed with us.  We had so much fun shopping, eating, going to the zoo, eating, going to church, and eating.  Pretty sure we all overdid it in the food department, but it was well worth it!

Justin and I went to the Dallas Zoo last year, but this was our first time going to the Fort Worth Zoo.  It was great!  It had lots of animals and a gift shop and a few places to eat.  It even had a train to bring you back to the beginning after you exhausted yourself walking to the end!  :)

A few of my favorite pics:

Imported Photos 00004

Imported Photos 00006

Imported Photos 00030

Imported Photos 00042

Imported Photos 00053    

Imported Photos 00073

Imported Photos 00078

When we got to the white tiger, it was pacing back and forth in front of the glass.  Justin thought it would be a good idea to pound on the glass a little bit.  When he did, the tiger raised up on his back feet and started clawing at it.  It was exciting for everyone around us!  And then the little kids around us starting doing it too.  Justin is always one to entertain! haha

Imported Photos 00070

Imported Photos 00151

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I definitely wanna go back…. but maybe sometime when it’s less hot outside.  June is not the ideal month for going to the zoo in Texas!     

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