Friday, April 2, 2010

good friday

I have a very busy day ahead of me, but I cannot stop thinking about the cross.  Today is a good day for us.  It’s a great day.  But for Him, it was an awful, terrible, no good, very bad day.  I cannot even begin to imagine what agony He went through in the hours leading up to the arrest, the beatings, the mockings, the thorns, the nails. 

That is LOVE.  Love like I cannot really even fathom. 

Thank You, Jesus, for taking on all of my pain and my suffering and my sin.  I do not deserve such a precious gift, but because You loved me… because You loved us.  Wow.

I like what a friend of mine said, “behold the Lamb of God!!! Not behold a church...Not behold a bunny...Not behold a denomination...Behold the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, the one that takes the sins of the world away. Jesus suffered, bled and died to bring us clean before a Holy True Just God. Jesus is the way, truth and life and no one will go to the father except through Him.(John 14:6)”

Let’s not forget what Easter is really all about.  It’s certainly not new clothes, dyed eggs, or a big bunny that delivers baskets full of chocolate. 

It’s all about a Redeeming Savior that delivers us from our wretchedness. 


jill said...

awesome. hope you don't mind, but i thought i'd post a link to this on my blog. people need to see it today! thanks friend. love you.

RN Mama said...

I popped over from Jill's. This is such a beautiful post. I couldn't agree with you more.

I told my kids last week that there was no Easter bunny, which may have made my Mom a little mad. I explained that Easter is about Jesus, and nothing else, and I'm drawing the line at a bunny who hops all over the universe delivering Easter baskets:)