Friday, April 9, 2010


In the past week or so, Justin has really been on me about getting into my photography more.  He really feels like it’s a “God thing”.  I know that I love it, but just don’t know how to get started. 

Then yesterday I was listening to a sermon on CD while driving to work.  The speaker made one comment that stuck with me.  It was along the lines of, “Jesus is not going to get in your boat.  You have to step out of the boat [walk on water].”  HELLO, Melissa!!!  Gotta have FAITH!

That got me thinking, and then Justin and I talked about it some more when he got home from work last night.  We decided to go ahead and purchase a domain for my photography blog.  The web address is now

No more!!!  Yay!  I like the simplicity and think it will be easier for people to remember.

I also went ahead and ordered some very simple, very cheap business cards.  I used a picture from Hudson’s newborn shoot and included very basic contact info.  I hope they turn out good! 


Justin works with a part time wedding photographer.  This guy said he would pass out my cards to his clients and other people he comes in contact with.  Also, we would just pass them out to friends and family so they can help spread the word. 

As of right now, I have one tentative client in the Dallas area.  Everyone else is in Louisiana, which makes things a little difficult.  I LOVE taking pictures for the people I know in LA, but the driving + gas money is not the ideal situation.

Anyway, just wanted to post because I’m excited!!!  


candice said...

aw yay! good for you! I'm happy that you're happy! :)

and whenever you feel like it/get the time you can practice on me and ava as a mommy/daughter photoshoot! ;) haha

Holly said...

What a gorgeous business card! :D