Monday, April 5, 2010

catch up

Justin and I traveled to West Monroe super late Thursday night for Easter weekend.  I’m so glad we both got to go because at first we didn’t think Justin could take off work.

Friday I was super excited to spend some time with one of my “adopted” families. Lacey, Lauren, Momma Shannon, and of course Hudson!  I got to hold that precious baby boy, and he slept the whole time I was there.


Later on Friday I met up with a childhood friend of mine, Lyndsey, to take some pictures for her graduation.  Hopefully I’ll have some on my other blog by the end of the week.  :)

Saturday we had a little family time on the golf course with Justin’s dad and sister.  The weather was gorgeous, so I had fun playing photographer.. haha!







Sunday was Easter!  We went to church in our home church’s brand new worship center.  It was the first service there, and that place was amazing. 


After church we had lunch with Justin’s dad’s side, then headed to visit my dad and Mamaw.   My daddy brought one of his granddaughters that has a major crush on Justin.  She is adorable and was so happy to see us (well, Justin. ha!)


Spring time is fabulous.. hope it sticks around a while before summer comes!  I am NOT ready for another Texas summer!!!



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EmilytheWheatie said...

Gah Amzalah looks so old in this picture!! *sniffle* !!