Monday, December 15, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

This weekend flew by WAY too fast...
I'm definitely not ready to be back at work. But this is my last week to work for quite a while! After Friday, the school will be closed for the holidays, and then in January I start student teaching!!! That's a pretty scary thought for me right now! I do not feel ready for that AT ALL!!! I need to really start praying that God prepare me for that next step in my journey towards a degree.

Another thing on my mind right now is Justin's job situation. He has been working two jobs for a while now. Working about 9am-1030 or later pm. It's getting to both of us. We are praying that God direct him somewhere else. We want him to have a full time job where he can work days. And we need benefits! It's alot to ask with the economy the way it is, but we believe that we have favor!

If anyone reads this, please be praying about these things with us!

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