Friday, December 19, 2008

My Baby Love

Today I worked what is quite possibly my last day ever of afterschool care. It was long, but not too bad. We watched The Little Mermaid, which has always been a favorite of mine. And we had relay and potato sack races. So that was fun. But tonight was alot more fun.....

I had plans to go to our church Christmas Concert tonite, but instead.. I got to babysit my sweet, precious, perfect, lovable little niece, Ava Nicole. Her parents wanted to eat dinner out with friends and asked me to watch her. Well of course I said YES! I love her so incredibly much. I can't even imagine how I will love my own any more than I love her. And maybe it's because I'm her aunt, but I think she is the prettiest baby girl I have ever seen.

Here are some pics from our night together~~

Ava with Aunt Lissa (not great of me, but she is precious)

Ava girl playing

Showing off those teefies

Meeting the kitties


Still loving to put everything in her mouth

Baby girl being sweet

We really did have fun together. I love this age that she is now. She is so entertaining and curious and interactive. Oh, and I think she enjoyed the cats. She might just have to get one at her house now!

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