Monday, October 24, 2011

a few firsts

Yesterday Judah experienced a few more “firsts”.  He went to church for the first time, wore shoes for the first time, and had his first real try at a family photo!


He did really well in church.  He slept through the entire time of worship and stayed quiet after he woke up.  I took him out for a few minutes during the message so that I could prepare a bottle and feed him.  I felt so overwhelmed with thankfulness that I finally had my baby and had the privilege to have him in church with us.  I was reminded of God’s goodness and faithfulness to give us the desires of our hearts.


After church we went to the grandparents’ house for lunch, and Justin’s dad attempted to get some family pics for us.  Most of them didn’t turn out great because Judah wouldn’t look at the camera or Justin would be squinting because of the sun.  Oh well, we will try again soon!


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