Friday, April 8, 2011

happy day

I had a baby doctor appointment first thing this morning.  It went very well.. we got to hear baby’s heartbeat.  And once again I talked my sweet dr into letting us have a little peak via ultrasound.  Baby was curled up in a little ball, probably sleeping.  He/she moved around just a little bit.  I’m so excited, too, cause we finally have a date set to find out the gender!  My next appointment.. less than one month away!!!

After the doctor appointment, I got to spend time with my wonderful hubby.  We just had errands to do.. post office, oil change, etc.  But I love these Fridays when we get to hang out and be together.  I’m gonna miss them so much when Justin has a regular job. 

I ended my afternoon with a much, much needed spa pedicure with my friend, Jenna.  It was absolutely lovely and relaxing.  I forget how good it feels to pamper myself.  Next on the list is haircut and waxing of the brows!  haha :p

Now I’m just hanging out at home.. about to cook spaghetti and eat dinner with my love.  I’ve gotta say, it’s been a wonderful day.  Even the weather was pretty great! 

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