Monday, April 25, 2011

18 weeks


Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along: 18 weeks

Size of baby: 5.6 inches.. size of a sweet potato

Maternity clothes: I’m definitely making my way into maternity clothes now.  Pretty much all pants are maternity or stretchy waist bands.  Shirts are still a good mix.  However, some shirts are getting too short!

Gender: Anatomy Scan has been moved up a couple days to Tuesday, May 3rd!  Yayyy!  We are both feeling like it’s a boy and will be shocked if it’s a girl.  But we will be thrilled either way.

Movement:  I didn’t do a 17 week update, but starting last week I have definitely been feeling some movement.  Little flutters and sometimes feeling like bubbles popping.  It’s not very consistent, and not even every day.. but I love when it happens.  It’s usually in the evening while I’m resting on the couch.

Sleep: I’m really hoping it’s temporary, but sleep has been rough lately.  My sinuses have been acting up so it’s hard to breathe.  And my back has been hurting.  Sad smile

What I miss:  I guess this doesn’t really have to do with pregnancy, but I miss being tan!  I gave up laying in the tanning beds last year though.

Cravings: nothing huge.. but did really want chicken wings one night.

Aversions:  I cannot bring myself to cook raw chicken!  Also, the thought of pot roast has had me gagging.  A new one is my gummy vitamins.  I get sick every time I try to chew one.

Symptoms: I’ve had a few nauseated days.  I’ve been dizzy a lot more.  My favorite symptom is my growing belly.

Best moment this week:  feeling little baby moving in my belly!

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