Saturday, October 30, 2010


I just realized that I have been taking pictures of random stuff lately with the good intentions to blog, but I haven’t.  So now I’m just going to go through the pics on the camera and see what I need to blog about…..

This first picture is from one of our date nights recently.  I really can’t even remember what day or what we did!  Isn’t that horrible?!  Oh well… It’s been a crazy fast month!

It’s the very end of the month, and sadly I’m just now blogging about a birthday gift!  My bff, Lacey, made these cards and envelopes for me!  She is just too creative and talented.  I love them and can’t wait to put them to use.



These next pictures are from my friend, Rachel’s, birthday dinner.  We met up with a few other couples and celebrated over sushi.  Yummm…  Justin and I had been wanting to find a good sushi place here, and now we have! 


Rachel’s baby boy should be here sometime within the next week!  I’m very excited for her and her hubby, Josh.  I’m excited for myself too since I will get to hold him and take pics of his tiny little self :)


Justin’s parents came to Dallas for the weekend last weekend.  The weather was kinda gloomy and rainy, so we opted for indoor activities such as shopping and eating.  Alot of shopping and eating!  haha..  I didn’t take any pictures except for this one when we were riding to an amazing Italian restaurant called Maggiano’s.  It is now my fave!

This weekend is Halloween.  Justin is working as usual, and I’m hanging out at the house.  We went to some garage sales this morning and got some awesome deals!  Other than that, our weekend consisted of October Jam.  October Jam is an annual event where our church partners with the city of Irving to provide a fun and safe place for the people in Valley Ranch to bring their families.  Lots of games, food, blow ups, etc.  I took a bunch of pictures throughout the night while Justin volunteered at a booth, but here are just a few…




I just really really cannot believe that October is pretty much over.  The holidays will be here before we know it, and to be honest I’m not sure I’m ready for that!  I normally love the holiday season, but it can be so stressful at the same time.  So for now, I’m just gonna enjoy FALL!!!  <3  Best season ever!


Lacey Herring said...

Couple things: I'm glad you liked your *late* bday gift! ;)
Second, I thought you looked so hoot in that dress and high heels for your friends birthday dinner... THEN, I saw that pic from last weekend of the close up of you and your hubby in the car and I thought that you looked GORGEOUS!! Then i thought to myself, she looked gorgeous in all those pics! And now I'm just thinking that I'm really missing that gorgeous face of yours!
It was nice to see and updated blog entry.. And read a little about your day to day life lately that I unfortunately don't get to be a part of anymore!
I CANNOT wait to see you next month!
Ps. Halloween costume pics on fb of me and my lil monkey! We miss our lissa-bear!

Lacey Herring said...

That was supposed to say hott! Not hoot! Ha!!