Saturday, May 22, 2010

our new obsession

Justin and I have never been big coffee drinkers.  When I was in college I would occasionally have an iced or frozen drink to give me an extra burst of energy, but nothing more.  I don’t think Justin has ever liked it. 

Oh, how things change…

During the last few weeks of the semester, with homework, papers due, sermons to be written, books to be read, etc.. Justin turned to coffee.  We bought a little coffee pot at Goodwill.  He has been drinking at least a few times a week ever since.

Then I made a mistake and ordered a mocha frappe from Mcdonalds.

Ummmmm… heaven in a cup!  Seriously.  I’m addicted, and so is Justin. 

The problem?  Our little pocketbook cannot afford us to have daily coffee trips to Mcdonalds or Starbucks.  :(

Enter garage sale blender:

IMG_6603 We went shopping today at some local garage sales and found this precious baby for $3.00.  Put it together with this wonderful recipe.. and voila!  Delicious mocha frappuccinos at home + major $$$ savings = Bliss!

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In this wonderful life... said...

this is a great idea! I've not tried the Mcdonalds drinks..but I hear they are good! I have to limit myself to starbucks so I don't spend $$.