Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I mentioned the other day that I went to the doctor and had blood drawn.

For probably a little over a year now I have not been feeling right.  I have been beyond exhausted almost all of the time.  Even if I sleep all night and take a nap in the afternoon, I am ready to go to bed just a couple hours later.  I’ve also had some other symptoms such as weight gain, hair loss, sensitivity to cold and some others.

I hadn’t been to the doctor in years because we don’t have medical insurance.  Well, finally enough was enough and my mother paid for my doctor visit and lab work.

We thought I may have a disease called hypothyroid.  It runs heavily in my mom’s side of the family and follows all of the symptoms I have been showing.  We also thought I could be anemic.  Anemia causes some of the symptoms including fatigue.

However, we got the results of my blood work and everything came back normal!

Praise the Lord!

So the doctor seems to think that I have a stress and anxiety level that is too high and is causing the symptoms.  Yikes!  I’m not really sure how to decrease my stress level, but I don’t want to get on medication for this either.  :(

Any ideas, advice, etc is welcome!

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Kristy said...

If you find some good tips- let me know! I am under some mega stress lately, and feel like I've gained 10 pounds. :( NOT good.
Also, I always say that I am not a morning person or night person.... I am best between 10 and 2. lol!

Paige said...

The only suggestion that I have (and you may already do this also) is working out. I am a single Mom of a three year old and work 2nd & 3rd shifts throughout then week, I am constantly sleepy and etc. If I work out in the mornings, even if I like to sleep in, it helps out so much! Or just having some "you" time! If you find anything else that works PLEASE let me know!!

jill said...

i'm SO SO glad you're okay!!!! you scared me, friend! but i'm afraid i'm no help in the stress-reliever category. i'm more of a stress-inducer. ha! and plus, i didn't hesitate when the doctor said something about lexapro. bring it on! haha!

Stephanie said...

Thank goodness your bloodwork came back normal!!! YAY!!! That is wonderful!!! I can't help you on the stress or anxiety...my dr put me on meds for that and i gladly accepted!! It has worked miracles! ask my husband. he likes me so much better now! ha! love ya girl!

Jenna said...

Hey gal, I wanted to just let you know what has helped me out. Stress has tried to overwhelm me lately. Every morning before school, I verbally out loud say, "I am trading my strength for Yours, Lord. I can't do this in my own strength. I ask for your favor as I seek after Your wisdom....and help me to understand it all." I also pray for a productive day everyday. When I forget, trouble is waiting! Also, me taking care of me doesn't motivate me, but me taking care of Dustin's wife does. I know we both take care of the hubbies first in so many areas. Think of taking care of yourself FOR him and your children. Not just to live longer, but to be a shining example for all to see that your hubby has a fabulous wife. It's time for women who walk the walk to strut their stuff! (in a godly way! haha) The man will win others and other things through the wife.