Tuesday, October 20, 2009

good news

First of all I have to brag on my husband.  He just finished his first block of ministry school and made A’s in all his classes.  This is big for him.  I’ve always known that he is super smart, but he just has never been into school.  He just didn’t care or try before.  Now he LOVES his school and is doing great!  I’m so SO proud.  :)

The other news has to do with one of my besties.  I’m not sure if I mentioned before, but Lacey is pregnant with a baby boy due at the beginning of March.  Well, today she and her hubby decided on a name. I LOVE it!  HUDSON WADE!  So cute.

Imported Photos 00056

If we can work it out, Lacey is coming to visit sometime soon so I can try my hand at maternity pics.  I’m excited!  I have so many ideas running through my head already. 

And to end this post I’m gonna post an old picture of Sylvester that I just found when looking through a folder on my computer.  He was so small and so cute.


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Lyr said...

Lots of great news!!!