Saturday, September 29, 2012

Judah’s 1st Birthday Party

We had a small birthday party for Judah with family and only a few close friends.  The party was held at his Nini and Papaw’s house (Justin’s parents).  We chose to go with a monkey theme since we always call Judah our little monkey.


Even though Judah was not feeling very well on his party day, we believe that he had a good time.  Our goal with the party was to let Judah know that he is so special to many people that love him lots!


After most of our guests arrived, we began opening gifts.  Judah was blessed with a bunch of clothes and pj’s for the upcoming winter months as well as a bunch of new toys.  Justin and I got him a little couch that folds out into a nap mat type thing.  He LOVES it!


Next we sang “happy birthday” and let Judah dig into his cake!  On his first bite, he made a face like he wasn’t so sure about all that sweetness.  But he quickly decided it was yummy and went crazy with it.  He definitely has a sweet tooth like his momma and daddy!


We wanted to take pictures, but Judah wanted to share cake with Daddy!



For the rest of the party, everyone just visited and had cake and ice cream.  Judah really seemed to enjoy all of the attention and the fact that he had other kids around to play with.


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