Wednesday, March 21, 2012

6 months


Half a year old!  It sure is crazy.  Each month seems to keep getting better.  I so love being a mommy to my sweet boy.  It’s not exactly how I imagined it would be, but it is my dream come true.


At 6 months, Judah has moved to all 9 months pj’s, but still in 6 month clothes.  As he is showing off in the picture above, Judah got his first two teeth this month!  What a big boy!  :)

He will roll side to side to get a toy, and he will pick up toys after dropping them. 


Our boy has learned how to squeal and loves to hear himself!  It is very shrill and high pitch.  He also loves his jumperoo, being outside, and playing with his big stuffed caterpillar that his Meme bought him.


He wants to crawl, but hasn’t figured it out yet!  He can scoot backwards when on hands and knees.  He even gets up on his hands and feet… but no crawling!

He is definitely a wiggle worm.  If we try to hold him in our laps, he squirms the whole time.  If we prop him up on the couch or chair, we wiggles until he is flat on his back.  We have a mover on our hands!


Judah has really started to stretch his neck to look around and follow things/people with his eyes.  He does this a bunch with our cat. 

At his 6 month well check up, Judah weighed 20 pounds, 6 ounces.  He was 27 1/4” long.  And most importantly, he was very healthy!


Judah is such a joy. Such a happy boy. Everywhere we go people as us if he is always so happy. We are truly blessed.

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