Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my valentines

My hubby is and always will be my special Valentine <3.

But this year I am blessed to have another sweet guy in my life.


We aren’t doing anything big this year to celebrate.. no gifts, no fancy dinner, etc.  But there is still lots of love to go around.  And my sweet Judah gave me a gift that I won’t soon forget today.  For the first time, today he let me experience one of those moments where “mommy’s kisses make it all better.”

Judah was playing with his Sophie teether and smacked himself in the face with it pretty hard.  He immediately turned red and started screaming and crying.  Mommy swooped in and kissed him and held him tight… and guess what!  He started giggling and smiling.  My heart melted.  Such a sweet gift to me on this special day.


I love my two guys so much.

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